Attention citizens of Aquila Prime!

I’m Jok Hammerhead with great pleasure and honor to introduce you to the First Season of the Galactic Tournament! The best fighters will contest in breathtaking competitions for the title of Champion. Don’t be surprised by such an announcement because this event is going on a Galactic level.

The Cosmic Storm around our home system Quasar has ended after many years of isolation and new friendly species and star systems have opened for us. Our commonwealth has replenished with two allies — mushrooms from the planet Shroud and bots from the station “Chapek”, which was rumored to belong to the race of the Ancients! Don’t switch your transponders, it will get more interesting!

Citizens of the Quasar system, if you wish to participate in the Galactic Tournament, you need to contact the nearest Social Point and apply for participation. In addition, it is necessary to assemble our team of fighters, which our allies have so kindly provided. Hurry, the number of fighters is limited!

The First Stage of the Galactic Tournament will begin soon, but for now, you can take part in training battles at the Aquila Prime Arena. Don’t miss your chance, the stakes are rising! The fight for the title of Tournament Champion will be hot!

It was Jok Hammerhead — Prime Announcer of the Galactic Tournament! STAY TUNED and be ready for rumble!



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