BattleVerse 2021 Recap: Only the one who fights wins!

Dear friends, after a long period without publishing on Medium, which was only due to a lot of work in other areas, the BattleVerse team would like to wish you a Happy New Year, a year that should and will be very important and very eventful for BattleVerse!

Just think, this quarter BattleVerse will be coming to IDO and presenting a fully functional first version of the game!
Of course, it won’t have all the features of the metaverse right away, but still, it will already be very interesting and exciting!

I want to let our readers in on a little secret: what you see in our videos about the battles between the characters does not reflect the final battle mechanics at all! What it will be, you will soon find out. For now, I can only promise that our game mechanics will be designed in such a way that our players will have a complete influence on the battle results and defeat their opponents not only due to their characters’ stats but also due to an intelligent battle strategy! Yes, you can “overthink” your opponent. Everyone has a chance to defeat a much stronger opponent, but, of course, the rarer NFTs will have increased stats. But, more on that later, I’ve already told you more than I planned…

In fact, in this article, I want to briefly summarize the past year, and show what BattleVerse was able to achieve in such a short time.

The BattleVerse story began very recently, in the second quarter of 2021, when a few enthusiastic people caught the idea of creating a unique, fun, and interesting world populated by many races trading and fighting with each other, participating in exciting tournaments, and singing songs around a campfire (they say that this is the tradition that still preserves Baby Combats Bots, although humanity itself died out centuries ago). And by the middle of last year, the basic idea and the first concepts of the first race, which appeared in BattleVerse, had already been formalized. This is how Baby Combat Bots appeared.

Around the same time, the first version of the website appeared, telling about these cute little robots left without their creators in the vastness of the universe, and the first version of the script for generating these characters was created.

The basic idea was becoming more and more detailed, the universe was expanding in the minds of the creators, which logically led to an expansion of the team. At the same time, the first community of people passionate about BattleVerse began to gather, believing and loving this universe as much as we do. The community in Discord by that time was already over 8000 people, and the first generation of Baby Combat Bots was sold out in 5 minutes!

And along with this, visible to all, the first lines of game code have already run on the screens of our developers, and the designers were ready to present the first video description of the gameplay.

Let’s watch it together again! Nostalgia is a very pleasant and bright feeling.

Also behind the scenes was the hard work of the team, which kept expanding, on white paper, tokenomics, texts, and filling the site and media networks.

But one of the most important steps for BattleVerse at this time was realizing that this story is not just about one race and not just about combats! That the world of BattleVerse will be populated by a wide variety of creatures that can cross with each other in the most fantastic and diverse combinations, making the most incredible combinations of combat capabilities and peaceful professions. That in the world of BattleVerse players will have private ownership of land, the ability to build and manage various structures, to unite in communities, and to interact with each other at every possible level.
And, as a logical continuation of this idea, a second race appeared — Battle Shrooms!

By the way, if you don’t know, they are still for sale on the official website of the project:

You can still have time to acquire one or more characters to start playing our game. Also, another little secret, the characters of the first generation of each race will have certain gameplay advantages over the next generations, of which, by the way, there will be 3 for each race!

And we are already time-traveled to the last quarter of 2021!

The big event for the project in the last quarter of 2021 was participation in the GameFi Hackathon from Binance!
Among more than 60 submitted projects, BattleVerse reached the pedestal and attracted the attention of the entire crypto community!
In the “Design” criteria our project left the competitors far behind!

And just at the end of the year was significantly improved all the game visuals, and was created the first test version of the game, which I will not hide, already had the pleasure to play, although I lost all my battles to our CEO. By the way, he still thinks that out of subordination.

In addition, just in the last days of the year, the seed and private token sales rounds started — a big milestone!

However, in spite of all the serious results achieved in such a short time, I consider BattleVerse’s highest achievement to be the recruitment of a team of highly qualified, expertized, and energetic professionals with experience in developing game projects.
Because only with such a team, possessing a number of soft skills in addition to their professional skills, and actually working in some general flow, it was possible to achieve such results!

And the most important actors in BattleVerse — it’s you, my friends! We work and try to give the best, and above the best, only for you!
Happy New Year once again! Expect more big news!

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