BATTLEVERSE — Hot of the Fire P2E NFT Game!

Hello friends!

We present you a new project that will blow up the world of crypto games — BattleVerse!

BattleVerse is a whole Universe where characters fight with each other, farm resources and participate in tournaments of different levels.

Your characters need to constantly upgrade, get ability cards and artifacts, rejecting doubts to challenge the most powerful rivals, because only the best can take part in the main event — the Intergalactic Tournament!

The world of BattleVerse is huge!

Therefore, we have prepared for you a whole series of articles in which we will tell you in detail about our game: how to play and earn money, how to get unique interracial characters. We will acquaint you with the fascinating history of the BattleVerse world, with the races inhabiting it. We will present you the tokenomics of the project and our team.

And many many others!

Did you miss the NFT’s First SALE?

They’ve run out in record time! No worries, friend, we’ve got you covered — a second shipment is on the way to provide those who missed out a chance to grab additional NFT-characters and unique weapons!

Stay tuned and follow the explored interstellar routes!



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BattleVerse is Play-To-Earn game powered with NFT x DeFi and MultiChain technologies! PVP, PVE, farming, staking and much more...