BattleVerse: “Imagination is more important than knowledge” (A.Einstein)

Welcome to the game world of BattleVerse, where you can earn money by playing and developing along with the Universe.

BattleVerse is a free P2E online game powered by DeFi x NFT and blockchain technology.

Everyone can find something to their liking in BattleVerse. Some of you will choose to participate in battles for rewards and develop your fighting characters in order to fight the best of the best in the Intergalactic Tournament sooner or later. Someone will choose the path of an adventurer or become a famous merchant throughout the galaxy, capable of selling a rusty gear to any robot. Many will become the owners of factories and plants, underground mycelium fields and mysterious groves, bringing good and stable income.

A unique feature of BattleVerse is Multichain technology — the ability to manage your gaming assets by interacting with different blockchains.

We have prepared for you a separate article about this technology, in which we will tell you in detail how Shrooms from the Polygon network can kick Robo’s ass from the BSC network.
We will very clearly and in detail describe for you the way players interact on different blockchains.

We also want to inform you that our articles on the technical part of the project will be regularly diluted with interesting stories about the characters of our Universe. From these stories you can learn a lot about the lore of our blockhain game.

Literally tomorrow you will find out how our first characters appeared, such cute but very dangerous Bots, who have already found their first owners on the OpenSea marketplace.
By the way, right now you can pick up and purchase your first character for yourself on the secondary market.
Let me tell you a little secret: first generation characters will always be more valuable than subsequent ones! Of course, if you are ardent mushroom lovers, then you should wait for the first sale of these amazing characters. But who knows what amazing new races will appear in our world tomorrow, in a month or a year …

BattleVerse is Play-To-Earn game powered with NFT x DeFi and MultiChain technologies! PVP, PVE, farming, staking and much more...