Before the Storm

Greetings citizens of Aquila Prime and the whole Galaxy! Whistletail is on board! You’ve heard and know a lot about Cosmic Storm. Hundreds of years of isolation, but we still know nothing about it. The Supreme research station on Aquila II is worried about this question and is trying to find an answer!

Senior Engineer Mac Clawfoot is one of the managers at Supreme station. He and other scientists are trying to identify the appearance of the Cosmic Storm.

“The hardest part of our work is to gather data. We are blinded while searching for the origin of the Cosmic Storm. Usually, when we notice anomalies it requires some time to gather the data. Unfortunately in the majority of cases, we lack time to research even a small piece of information. That’s why we still know absolutely nothing about Cosmic Storm.” — as Mac Clawfoot said.

I believe, and our viewers are with me I guess, that in the nearest future we will be able to explore space without any obstacles and Cosmiс Storm will be just a bump on the road.

Nissa is out. STAY TUNED and be ready for a rumble!



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