Closer to the Rush

Good morning, citizens of the Aquila Prime and the whole Galaxy! Whistletail is on board and prepared something new for you! I hope you remember the previous report about the Galactic Tournament race challenge because I’m ready to introduce you to a fresh announcement! Supervisors of the Galactic Tournament after dozens of testing races choose to change some rules of The Rush Hour that make it more exciting and thrilling!

Oh yeah, I feel boiling anticipation in your hearts, dear fans of the Galactic Tournament!! Soon you will see incredible swift races on the arenas all over the Galaxy! 4 athletes on the racing platforms and only one winner. If you think it wouldn’t be brutal, you are wrong. Like in the classic Arena fights, Athletes are able to crush each other in The Rush Hour to slow down their opponents. The key to winning is not only the toughness of the racing platform but quick reflexes and swift decisions. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

Wooh, it was an emotional report, but I can’t hold feelings inside. Galactic Tournament raises, and new events are coming one after another. There are only a few weeks left before the start of The Rush Hour, but the supervisors have already prepared something new! What will it be? Patience, dear fans of the Galactic Tournament.

It was Nissa Whistletail for the Galactic Tournament Daily! STAY TUNED and be ready for a rumble!



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