DevDiaries #1

Hello, fans of the Battleverse. Our development team returns with regular Dev Diaries! I know that you read our announcements on Medium and are waiting for the new issue of Battleverse: Chronicles. Lore of the Battleverse — it’s an important part, but let’s talk about game design and core mechanics.

We are working on a new gameplay feature for a few weeks — Skills. Yeah, our early bird players well know the core gameplay system with 3 types of actions (Attack, Defense, Trick — you remember, isn’t it?). But we want to make our game more skill-dependent and without “skill” it’s impossible.

About the Skills — it’s a special ability that players may use in combat. You can equip only two abilities for each character before a fight. That’s all folks, thank you for your attention… Ah, I’m kidding. Skills have three directions: Attack, Defense, and Trick. Skills are not connected to certain actions but have an ideological focus. Attack skills focus on causing damage, Defense skills for protection, and Trick skills used for target control, etc.

The main goal of that feature is to create more tactical gameplay. The winner of the fight will be defined not only by luck or the character’s power. Your effective skill use may change the result of the fight.

We are trying to implement new features softly, using a data-driven method. You don’t need to google what it is. I will explain. Skills will be implemented (like other features) by iterations. The first iteration of the skill feature will be released soon. After that, we will attentively observe how skills work, and how you, players, use them. Based on these stats, we will go to the second iteration. In this step, we will improve our current skills, add new ones, and so on. Your feedback is very important for us. We want to make Battleverse an excellent game and without feedback, it cannot be possible.

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