DevDiaries #12

It’s Wednesday, dudes! New Developer Diaries is here and today we will tell you about Characters and Skills. We are preparing something new and have made some changes since the first DevDiaries release.

Every character will have 3 random skills. These skills are generated from a definite race list. It means Shrooms, Bots (or even a new race. This is NOT a new race announcement) have their own race skills. Okay, let’s move forward. There are three types of skills — passive battle skill, passive economic, and active battle skill.

Passive battle skill — character receives a permanent battle bonus. For example, +20% damage after taking a hit from the enemy. (Not an actual skill, just an example).

Passive economic skill — character receives a permanent earn bonus, like “Claim more QzQ from Daily quests” or something else. (Not an actual skill, just an example)

Active battle skill — similar to passive battle skill, but requires activation.

Skill flow is simple: Buy a character — get 3 random skills — fight and win!

“But what do I need to do if misfortune occurred?” — you may ask and it’s a good point! Skill may be more powerful and less powerful. If your character gets a skill, which you don’t like or they look weak — you can pay some QzQ and reroll them! Good luck, but remember that you have only 5 rerolls with a QzQ cost increase. Try to find the most powerful skill combination! Some skills may look weak, but when you combine them you will see their power!

Thank you for reading. Write feedback, subscribe to Medium and STAY TUNED. Be ready for a rumble!



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