DevDiaries #13

It’s Wednesday, my dudes! Today, in DevDiaries, I’d like to announce the major upcoming update for Battleverse. Let’s remember what we know about new features from previous DevDiaries! Let’s rock!

- After the Craft system our team has made some changes. First of all — resources. Instead of single resource Chips, we decided to implement 3 resource types — Gears, Emulsion, and Draktis as a universal resource. However, in DevDiaries we never talked about in which game modes (Arena, The Maze of Trials, or Rush Hour) this system will be used. And the answer is… in all of them. The resource cycle system makes the player more involved in the crafting system. Gather resources in Rush Hour to craft Consumables for Arena, win battles and claim resources for The Maze of Trials. Every game mode depends on each other.

- will help you to earn more QzQ for your activities in Battleverse!

- Upcoming PvE mode “” for dungeon crawlers will bring new awesome challenges for you, my lovely player. and loot your loot!

- As a reward for all these challenges your characters will upgrade by the system

Shoosh, let’s take a break. If you missed some of the previous DevDiaries — it’s a good time to read about features that we have refreshed in our memory today. Next Wednesday comes in digest style too. Write in the comments your expectations about the upcoming big update! As always — and be ready for a rumble!



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