DevDiaries #14

It’s Wednesday, my dudes! We are continuing to tell you about the upcoming major update. Without any further delay — let’s talk!

- Combat system core mechanics have been changed. Don’t worry — there are still 3 actions (Attack, Defence, Trick) with Rock, Paper, Scissors rules. Our team wants to add a Turn Phase, which is a sequence of using Action/Skills/Consumables. After you and the opponent have chosen definite Actions, Consumables, and Skills, the combat system will resolve the effects.

How it works: Consumables are resolved first. So-called Consumables Phase. If both players use Consumables, the combat system checks the Weight of the Consumable. For example, your Consumable has more Weight than the opponent. That means that your Consumable will be resolved at first and only after that the one of the opponent.

The second is the Skills Phase. This phase works the same as the Consumable Phase.

The third phase is Actions Phase. It’s a well-known Attack, Defence, and Trick.

-The Battleverse marketplace is coming! That is the place where you can sell\buy characters, resources, and a lot of other items.

- A few words about PvE mode. The Maze of Trials will be the first, but not the last errand. After the release of The Maze, we will add a new mode to make your adventures in Battleverse more awesome!

That’s all folks! You have a bit of time to read previous DevDiaries before our release! Write in the comments your expectations about the upcoming big update! As always — STAY TUNED and be ready for a rumble!



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