DevDiaries #15

It’s Wednesday, my dudes! We are continuing to tell you about the upcoming major update. The Maze of Trials has had a lot of changes since the last DevDiaries. Check #6 and #11 to refresh your memory.

You already know about core mechanics and enemies of the first PvE mode, but what about craft, consumables, and how PvE is connected to the PvP? Let’s talk about these right now!

The crafting system and consumables are available for PvE. It means that you can make your character more powerful with Consumables and increase the chance of finishing the Maze of Trials with better rewards! Like in PvP, there is a restriction on two Consumables per character. Choose wisely!

How does PvE mode influence PvP? In PvE, you are getting experience and resources which are required to make your character stronger. The Stronger character is, the more chances to win in PvP! Also, you could send your characters to the Maze of Trials and they will find rewards without your control! Remember — only with the character direct control you are able to get better rewards!

That’s all folks! You have a bit of time to read pur previous DevDiaries before our release! Write in the comments your expectations about the upcoming big update! As always — STAY TUNED and be ready for a rumble!



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