DevDiaries #16

It’s Wednesday, my dudes! We are continuing to tell you about the upcoming major update. If you missed us every week digest — check previous DevDiaries #13, #14, and #15. Let’s rock!

- Our UI artists have made improvements on the game interface for a more comfortable and smooth gameplay experience. You won’t recognize the game! (or recognize — I don’t know)

- First concepts of posters for The Maze of Trials are ready. Soon they will be in-game and add some interesting lore details for PvE mode.

- Our marketing department will soon release video materials. Subscribe to our social media, so don’t miss it!

- The Battleverse team admires our fans, subscribers, and all players. We are waiting for your expectations about the upcoming update in the comments! As always — STAY TUNED and be ready for a rumble!



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BattleVerse is Play-To-Earn game powered with NFT x DeFi and MultiChain technologies! PVP, PVE, farming, staking and much more...