DevDiaries #5

Greetings everyone. A new week and new developer diaries on Medium! We talked about Experience&Leveling a few weeks ago, so let’s update this topic and see how to improve hero attributes.

Every hero has 3 main attributes — Attack, Defense, and Trick. You will improve these attributes after hero level-up. If you forgot how your hero gets the experience and level, please read DevDiaries #3. Let’s return to the attributes.

After level-up, you will receive some Attribute Points (AP). You may use AP to improve Attack, Defense, and Trick OR (and it’s important) sell it in the Marketplace. Yeah, AP is some kind of resource like Energy or QZQ. You may not only use it in-game. AP is a valuable resource, so be careful with them!

To improve an attribute, you need to spend 1 AP. After that pay some QZQ or QZQ+BVC. It depends on the level of the chosen attribute. And the last step — time. Attribute improvement is not an immediate process and is counted in hours. More level — more hours needed to wait. You may spend some QZQ to skip this step.

Do you remember the Premium subscription? We are thinking about including benefits for AP and Leveling for Premium subscribers, but we need your feedback. What do you think of it? Share your ideas in the comments.

Thank you for reading and, as always — STAY TUNED and be ready for the rumble!



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