DevDiaries #7

Greetings citizens of the Aquila Prime and the… oops! It’s for Thursday’s article! Hello, folks and welcome to the new DevDiary. We started working on the new feature a few weeks ago. I want to lift the curtain a bit and tell you about it. Many players of ours expected the Craft system to be announced sooner or later. So… Here we are!

The Сraft system will focus on supporting your characters in battles. If you want to master your combat skills and become the strongest fighter in the Battleverse — the Craft system is your best friend.

Together with the Craft system, Battleverse will have a new resource — Chips. This unique resource is used only for the craft. Chips are gathered from the battle. More chips for winners and less for losers. Also, there are various types of chips. The rarity of the chips falls into 5 types — common, uncommon, rare, mythical, and legendary. How can you use this resource? I cannot tell you right now, but be sure that the next DevDiary will reveal it. You know — NDA, secret development, and stuff.

Please, be patient! I will tell you more about Craft and the ways of using Chips next Wednesday. Share your thoughts about the Craft system in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Medium to don’t miss hot news! STAY TUNED and be ready for the rumble!



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