DevDiaries #8

Greetings, everyone! Our team continues to share the insides of the Battleverse development. This DevDiary will be linked to the previous, so if you’ve missed it — read it first!

As I said before — the Craft system implemented a new unique resource — Chips. “How could I use it?” — you may ask. Chips required for crafting battle stimulators — special one-time-use skills. Battle stimulators are your wildcard in combat. They could critically change your position during the fight.

Battle stimulators have several types of rarity. For example, an uncommon Battle stimulator will require several Chips, a mythical one requires more chips, and so on. Rarity influences the power of a certain Battle stimulator. Legendary type is different. Instead of making it a more powerful characteristic, we decided to softly change the Battle stimulator effect. Like an ultimate skill in MOBA games. Players with Legendary Battle Stimulator — choose wisely. My advice — use it in really tough fights or hopeless situations. For example, you could block ALL inflicted damage, or make two attribute use. Sounds great, but mindless use will bring bad luck. Don’t miss your chance!

The Battleverse combat system is growing. We want to reach the main goal — make combat systems fun, tactic and variable. What do you think about Battle Stimulators? We will appreciate your feedback and as always — STAY TUNED and be ready for the rumble!



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