Fungus Warrior Training

Greetings, citizens of Aquila Prime and the whole Galaxy. I’m Nissa Whistletail and we are on air now with something special. As you can see, we are looking at the training process of the Fungus Warrior. We need to be quiet, so I will speak smoothly. Don’t want to disturb Fungus Warrior in the middle of his ritual training. His patience… His cruel and fast-moving… Oh, it’s wonderful! Oh, crap! He noticed us! Let’s go!

Are we on air again? Yeah, great. Whistletail is on board! Again. Our special report wasn’t the last one. Fungus Warriors are the dark horse of the Galactic Tournament. They still don’t take part in the Tournament, but their active training looks suspicious.

The Galactic Tournament is spread all over the Galaxy and we are trying to show you how athletes prepare for their fights. Bots and Shrooms on the Aquila Prime are well-known, but on other planets, we can find a lot of unknown pages. Hundreds of battles and dozens of nowadays winners may be pushed away by the new athletes. Or may I call them gruesome warriors? Time will show us the more unexpected side of the Tournament and the entire Galaxy!

It was Nissa Whistletail for the Galactic Tournament Daily! STAY TUNED and be ready for the rumble!



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