Hidden Secrets

Good morning, citizens of Aquila Prime and the whole Galaxy! Whistletail is on board! Just a few minutes ago, I returned from the facility on the Aquila III and got some interesting information for you — fans of the Galactic Tournament.

Everybody knows that supervisors of the Tournament work every day to make Arena fights more exciting and gorgeous. Athletes make a good show, but THIS will make fights better than before. The facility on the Aquila III starts to produce special modules that will improve the abilities of the athletes, and give them some kind of “magic”. Yeah, you heard me right.

Actually, there is no real “magic”. Modules retranslate energy to the athletes and give them, for a short period, different powers. Power depends on the type of module, but you can be sure — there are a lot of them. I have seen it with my own eyes and that was fantastic!

I cannot say when modules will come to the hands of the athletes, but you can be sure — as soon as all steps of the production will be completed. Powerful energy, which holds the module inside, isn’t stable yet. Supervisors of the Galactic Tournament care about the safety of the athletes and fans of the Galactic Tournament and don’t want to risk it. Remember the main goal of the Tournament — “Make fun. Not war”. It was Nissa Whistletail for Galactic Tournament Daily!

In the end, as always, I want to wish you STAY TUNED to not miss the hot news of the Galactic Tournament and be ready for the rumble!



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