How to add $BVC tokens to the MetaMask ? How to swap $BVC tokens to $QZQ tokens ? Withdrawal limits in $QZQ for the open beta period

Where to buy $BVC ?

🍪 PancakeSwap (DEX):

💹 BitMart (CEX):

Adding $BVC token to MetaMask

In order to add $BVC token to the MetaMask, we need the Official Contract Address of the $BVC token 👇


REMEMBER! Always check the Contract address on our Official Website

Now let’s go.

Copy the Contract Address and open the MetaMask

In the window that will open, check that we have a BSC network

Scroll below and click the “Import tokens” button

Enter the previously copied Contract Address into the “Token Contract Address” field and click the “Add Custom Token” button

Then press the “Import Tokens” button

$BVC token successfully added

Swap tokens $BVC to tokens $QZQ

1 $BVC = 10 $QZQ

Go to the Official website!

ATTENTION! All exchanges with tokens $BVC & $QZQ perform only on our official website!

Click on the “+” button in the header of the site

Enter the number of tokens $BVC, which we want to swap in the “DEPOSIT” window. Press the “ENTER AN AMOUNT” button and then press the “APPLY” button and confirm the transaction

Withdrawal limits in QZQ for the open beta period (taking into account the rate of 1 $BVC = 10 $QZQ)

  • One-time: 1000–3000 $QZQ
  • Daily: 0–5000 $QZQ
  • Weekly: 0–20000 $QZQ
  • Ten Days: 0–25000 $QZQ
  • Monthly: 0–50000 $QZQ



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