In the Galaxy not far, far away

Greetings citizens of Aquila Prime and the whole Galaxy! I’m Jok Hammerhead with a special report from Aquila III Spaceport. Quazar Expeditionary Forces have reached the system GF-92 which means that all three nearest star systems have been explored!

Until today, we haven’t had any information about systems that were concealed by Cosmic Storm. Centuries of isolation and forgotten space are over. Now we can show you the whole world… Almost the whole, of course. Who knows how many systems are hidden from our sight yet.

Here is the Quazar system — our motherland with two beautiful planets: Aquila Prime and Aquila III. We all remember the tragedy which occurred with Aquila II and Aquila IV. This catastrophe must never come again.

Eridani — the first system which was probed by our Expeditionary Forces after contacting Bots from Space station “Chapek”. There is only one planet spinning around in the lights of the young star Eridani Y — Gion 1. This gas giant has several moons. Huge rocks and several planets with a hostile environment.

The Beansprout system is the homeland of the well-known planet Shroud. Among the wilderness lives the Shrooms — zealots of the Mother-Fungus. The Neighboring planet Chogawa is full of unknown creatures but we need to be well prepared to explore it. Wildlands of the Chogawa are forbidden for strangers… for now.

And the last and the biggest system of explored space — GF-92 or Sector 4. A few days ago an unexpected Cosmic Storm blocked Sector 4 from other space. Expeditionary Forces will continue their work soon.

Whooh, only four-star systems, and so much info! This is only a smallish part of the cyclopean Universe. Just a sand piece in the desert. I hope soon we will discover more and more new systems. Who knows what outstanding species we will find there!

It was Jok Hammerhead for the Galactic Tournament Daily! STAY TUNED and be ready for a rumble!



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