Incident in Sector 4

- This is an emergency broadcast! It’s Nissa Whistletail and I’m going to an intensive care unit. A few hours ago, we got a message from the Chapek station Rescue team that one of Qrols was hurt. The weird incident happened in Sector 4 and we want to know the truth… Hey, Captain! It was unexpected to see you… again.

- Hi, Nissa! Yeah, big adventures and big consequences. I thought that all of us would be dead, but good teamwork, fast and effective tactical decisions take us from this shiii…

- We are on air, Beck.

- …ship. Of course, I want to say ship.

- Howdy, Nissa! Glad to see you!

- Oh, it’s you. Grook. Captain, can you tell me what happened in Sector 4?

- It was a simple mission, but it turned into hell. There were many of them. Dozens… No! Hundreds! Or thousands?

- Wow, Cap! Easy! Nissa, let me tell you about it. So, we were on the abandoned ship, when…

- Captain Beck, please try to calm down. Citizens of the Quazar system want to know the truth.

- We found disabled bots in the cargo hold. Fives, our engineer, ran some diagnostics and called the rescue team from Chapek station. Suddenly, bots turned on and turned into killing machines. Madness infected their chips. We escaped, but after a few days, we will investigate this case. Something is happening. I feel it. Something odd and dangerous…

- Thank you, Captain. Don’t hurry. Try to take some rest. You deserve it. Maybe it’s not your business. Let Aquila Enforcers and Bots do their job. It was Nissa Whistletail for Galactic Tournament Daily. STAY TUNED and be ready for the rumble!



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