Greetings citizens of Aquila Prime and the whole Galaxy! Whistletail is on board! We are continuing to follow the situation with our dearest colleague Jok Hammerhead. Every member of the Galactic Tournament Daily is a part of a big family and we hope Jok will be alright soon. A few hours ago we tried to get access to the hospital of Saint Mak, but due to Jok’s critical injuries, no one could visit him. #SaveJok!

As you can see, there are many Enforcers at the Main Security Station. And you know what they are doing? None of the Enforcers doesn’t know about Jok’s incident! It’s ridiculous! Jok is the symbol of the Galactic Tournament Daily. Enforcers like other Qrols are watching him every day. Sorry for my emotions but if the Chief Enforcer himself doesn’t give me an answer, I will be forced to appeal to the High Council of Quzers.

It’s a dark time for the Galactic Tournament Daily, but we are strong and united. The big family could go through big troubles. STAY TUNED and remember #SaveJok!



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