Shine bright

Greetings citizens of the Aquila Prime and the whole Galaxy! Whistletail is on board! Today, in a special report of the Galactic Tournament Daily we will go behind the scenes of the amazing event! I’m glad to show you the premiere of the first movie about the heroes of the Galactic Tournament — Battleverse.

There are plenty of Aquila Prime celebrities. You can see some well-known actors like Krom Tollhand and Max Weakersand! Even someone from the High Council of Quzers may be there, but I didn’t mention them. Battleverse: the movie will tell us about great deeds and persons, which took part in the Galactic Tournament Qualification. In case of success, there will be a movie series or even a huge franchise. Galactic Tournament supervisors tell us that…

Wait a minute… You don’t break it down…Is he alright? Announce it now? Fine…

We are breaking our report from the premiere of the Battleverse: the movie. Sad news has come right now — Jok Hammerhead is in hospital with critical injuries. The Galactic Tournament team mourns and wishes to get well soon. Please, STAY TUNED and follow hot news about Jok’s condition. We all hope that he will be fine!



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