Shroom’s anatomy

Hello citizens of Aquila Prime and the whole Galaxy! I’m Jok Hammerhead and you are watching Galactic Tournament Daily! The Hospital of Saint Mak saved my life and I’m grateful to all the hospital staff. I guess only a few know that Hospital has a medical research lab. Galactic Tournament Daily is here to fix this problem!

- Let me introduce the director of the Medical research lab — Sam Kettlehoof. Nice to meet you!

- Nice to meet you too, Jok. Thank you for highlighting our work. It’s an important job.

- Good to hear that, Sam. Will you please tell our spectators about your current research? If it’s not confidential info, of course!

- I have permission for this interview, so I think I could tell a little bit. Don’t worry, Enforcers are ready if something goes wrong.

- Sounds like you are threatening me, hehe.

- Indeed. Okay, let’s start with the chemistry lab. Our scientists are working on improvements for current drugs and pills which common Qrols purchase every day.

- What about brand-new meds?

- In this section, we research a mutant biological species aka MBS. You know them as Shrooms. As you can see, MBS fully researched 99%. 1% is an unknown substance. Work in progress.

- Hmm. Did these Shrooms agree to this?

- Indeed. Your time is over. Thank you for highlighting our work and have a nice one.

- Thank you Sam for the interview! Galactic Tournament Daily will return with…

- Your time is over, Jok. Leave the lab, please.



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