This is the way

Good morning citizens of Aquila Prime! I’m Jok Hammerhead with hot news for Galactic Tournament Daily. Hey, Arena fans, do you know that Tournament supervisors prepared something new and veeery special? Dear citizens, I’m glad to introduce you to The Maze of Trials. This is a complex of module chambers that will challenge athletes’ skills and abilities. What is inside of each chamber — you don’t know before you opened it.

I may tell you a lot about it, but better ask someone who already finished The Maze of Trials. Our special guest — Bot #CT3489. Glad to see you!

- Greetings, Jok Hammerhead. I’m CT3489, but you can call me Wheeler. Yes, I’m one of the first athletes that passed the Maze of Trials. It was tough. Really tough, but a good reward has its own cost.

- What did you see in the chambers? Traps, monsters, or maybe some other challenges?

- You never know. The Maze of Trials is unique for every athlete who enters it. Module mixed up between each other and it generates billions of Maze variants. I just can tell you my story.

- It will be great! Our fans love, you know, personal stories.

- When my first steps into the Maze, my scanners turned off. I don’t know why, but it blinded me. Few nearest chambers were empty, but the deeper I went, the more dangerous it became. Like a hidden Director follows my every step. You asked me about traps. Yeah, there are many of them. Various and crucial. Training dummies with lasers and cutters. You are trying to find an exit, but there’s no escape…

- Em… Thank you, Wheeler, for this cool story about the Maze of Trials! Soon it will be opened for all athletes of the Galactic Tournament and you, my dear fans, can see exciting new challenges! and get ready for the rumble!



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