Trials over the Galaxy

Greetings citizens of Aquila Prime and the whole Galaxy! I’m Jok Hammerhead and that means you are watching a new report of the Galactic Tournament Daily! A month ago we spoke with Wheeler — one of the first athletes, who agreed to test The Maze of Trials.

The Maze of Trials tests were successful and supervisors of the Galactic Tournament decided to start building these modules on some other planets and moons. Galactic Tournament Daily received an exclusive list of Maze construction sites. According to the map, four various modules are built on a definite terrain type.

The Maze on the wild planet Chogawa in the Beansprout system will be stylized as an ancient temple. Our archeologist found on one of the abandoned stations of Mankind a thing called “the movie”. In this “movie” a male human with a hat and whip explores such a “temple”. Supervisors redesign it into the Maze with unique enemies.

Volcanic planet Xumia and ice moon Crion 505 will have their own Mazes with definite hot and cold styles. Wow, it will be a hard trial for athletes — to go through ice labyrinths or lava mines. Sounds cool! I want to see it!

Our supervisors promised that every planet type in the Known Galaxy will have its own Maze and unique enemies. As supervisors said — “We want to make this expected and fascinating event “more amazing than amazing can be!”. Looks like supervisors have huge plans!

It was Jok Hammerhead for the Galactic Tournament Daily! STAY TUNED and be ready for the rumble!



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