DevDiaries #6

Hello everyone! DevDiaries #6 is on board and today I want to tell you about PvE mode which is called The Maze of Trials. You may remember this name from an article on Medium to know more about the Maze from a narrative point. If you miss it, I will wait a few minutes while you are reading…

Are you finished? Great! So let’s move on! The Maze of Trials is a PvE mode where your shrooms, bots, or other heroes (oops, no spoilers!) go through rooms to find an exit. This path is not as easy as you thought. Every room may contain something: a treasure chest, enemy, or trap. The game flow is simple! Found a treasure chest? Use the Key to open it. You may find Keys in the other rooms or gain them from defeated enemies. The treasure chest contains coins and extra keys. Enemies are guardians of the Maze of Trials and want to make your path through more tough. There are many types of enemies — from weak minions to powerful bosses. And remember — a mighty enemy contains more reward. Don’t be afraid of the new combat system — in the Maze, we hold the same system as in PvP battles.

You must use energy during the exploring. One room — one energy point. If your energy count goes to zero, you have to choose: go away from the Maze and claim the current amount of coins and keys or buy more energy to move forward. Players who have finished the Maze of Trials will earn more rewards.

The Maze of Trials will have a unique visual style for every planet type which we have in our Battleverse. If you want to know more about Battleverse Galaxy — read hot news from Galactic Tournament Daily!

Now you know the basics of PvE mode — the Maze of Trials. Our team wants to make your game experience more and more variable. New modes and activities in Battleverse give you more opportunities to play and earn. As always — write your feedback, STAY TUNED and be ready for the rumble!



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